02 July 2010

Test Figure 1

I'm experimenting with different paint schemes to find the Reiklander gimmick that I like. Since the metal gun crews are heavily individualistic anyway, they present me with a unique opportunity to get my scheme right before I paint my first Core model.

If I have one regret is that I didn't take my time with this figure... but since I knew I wasn't going to like the colors anyway I opted to "get done" and move on to the next one.

Painting Notes

Used Reaper Master Series paints... overall I'm not happy with the fig. However some things came out right. Those are the only notes presented here:

Ratios listed for washes use "wet water" (10 parts distilled water 1 part Liquitex Flow-Aid).

  • Primer Tamiya white
  • All over wash with 5:1 Rainy Grey
  • Cleanup with Dragon White

  • Reaper "Rosy Skin" Triad (Rosy Shadow, Rosy Skin, Rosy Highlight)

    Basic Concept
  • Outer garments are white/pipeclay leather/etc. - hats white (belts and scabbards white?), shoes brown or black?
  • Undershirt is linen (5:1 Golden Highlight wash, Linen White, Dragon White highlight)
  • Hose are white, stockings are undyed wool (see undershirt above for linen recipe), if legwear has slashes, the inner fabric is red.
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